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2017-2018  Tryout Information

To schedule a private tryout please email our Director
Gretchen Mayer.

What is Bay Area Lacrosse Club?

Bay Area Lacrosse Club is a non-profit organization, primarily located in Anne Arundel County, that is dedicated to sponsoring and encouraging participation by middle and high school girls in national lacrosse tournaments in both the summer and fall. We strive to provide a congenial, supportive, and enjoyable atmosphere for both players and parents. As a club, it is our goal to achieve a balance of competitiveness, affordability, and skill development for our members.


How do we conduct tryouts?

Tryouts for Bay Area Lacrosse Club will be held over a two day period for each age group. At tryouts, drills and evaluations will be run and conducted by Bay Area coaches. While running drills, coaches will provide players with pointers, along with techniques and skills to focus on in each drill. Throughout tryouts, evaluators are looking for athleticism, field sense, hustle, and coachability.

Our tryout structure allows players to demonstrate their skills over the course of two days of tryouts that will include a variety of different drills and game play scenarios. Players are given an opportunity to warm up their sticks in shuttles without being evaluated. We will ten rotate through more game-like stickwork drills - give and go’s, box drill, etc. Finally, after moving  into offensive and defensive focused drills (3 v 2’s, competitive ground balls, etc.), players will have an opportunity to showcase their skills through game play.


What should players wear to tryouts?

Players will be given a pinnie to wear at tryouts, so they should come wearing a sports bra or light t-shirt to wear underneath of their pinnie for tryouts. Pinnies will be collected at the conclusion of each tryout and redistributed the next day.


When and how will players hear from us?

Once tryouts have been completed, our Club Director will be sending out acceptance letters in the order of the selection. Players will receive notice of their acceptance or waitlist within a 48 hour period.

In order to accept your position with Bay Area, we must receive verbal confirmation of your acceptance via email within 24 hours of receiving your acceptance letter. In order to formally accept and reserve your roster spot, you will be asked to make the initial payment within 72 hours of receiving your acceptance offer. If formal acceptance (via payment) of your roster spot with the club is not received within 72 hours, your offer is subject to release to players who are waiting to hear from us and have been waitlisted. All players will receive an email regardless of the final result of their tryout.

Who can I contact if I have more questions?
We are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding our club and tryouts.  Please email our Director, Gretchen Mayer at or by clicking the link at the bottom of this page


We look forward to seeing you at tryouts

Gretchen Mayer